What are the simplest things one can do to make oneself happier?

Start small by incorporating these 3 simple habits into your day:

Say thank you.

Practicing gratitude rewires our brain to think about positive things, the things that we have going for us, instead of the things we do not have and that can leave us feeling frustrated and unhappy.


Create a gratitude journal and write in it for 5 minutes each morning; list 3 things you are grateful for. It can be the simplest of things, such as having a warm bed to sleep in, a roof over your head, a family that loves you, food in your fridge, a dog or cat that you have as your pet, living in a war-free zone, having an education that allows you to read and write, etc.

Be friends with your inner child.

Just because you are now all grown up and have adult responsibilities does not mean you should ignore the child that is still in you. Acknowledge it, ask it what it would like to do today, give yourself some time to be silly.


Get an ice cream cone and walk through the park eating it slowly. Take out your crayons or water colors and paint something just for fun. Drink a lemonade, a milkshake, or bubble tea with a straw and enjoy it. Watch your favorite cartoons on YouTube. Laugh out loud.

Do something that really makes you feel good.

Maybe your life is busy with a schedule packed with things you need to do from early morning to late at night. Maybe you’re not really motivated to do anything in particular, and you have trouble focusing. When was the last time you really did something just for yourself, something that gets you excited, something that you look forward to spending time on?


If you’re an avid reader, make the time to read a novel for 30 minutes before going to sleep. If you like to be physically active, schedule in a bike ride or a run in the late afternoon when you’re done with work or your studies. If you love music, learn how to play guitar or drums or a harmonica. If you love to write, make it a priority to write one page every single day, either early in the morning before getting ready or later at night when it’s quiet and you have the time to organize your thoughts while enjoying a cup of tea and listening to some relaxing music.


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