What are the questions that most people ask themselves too often?

  • “Am I happy?”
    • and its twin sister question, “Why am I never happy?”
    • as well as its cousin question, “When will I be happy?”
  • “When will I have a million dollars?”
  • “Why is [insert name of person] so successful and I’m not, and I am already [insert biological age] years old?”
  • “Why does [insert name of person] always [insert name of action]?”
    • For example, “Why does my mother always criticize me?”
    • And, “Why does my partner always expect me to apologize first?”
  • “Why do I not have any self-discipline?”
  • “When will this [insert situation we don’t like] end?”
    • For example, “When will this argument end?”
    • And, “When will this school year end?”
  • Why does this always happen to me?

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