Why do some people succeed and some don’t?

  • They know their superpower. It’s the combination of the one thing they’re really good at, the passion for doing it, the laser focus on it, and the almost maniacal discipline in working on it consistently, day in and day out.
  • They fine-tune their supercomputer. And what is that? Their brain. They’ve identified the different times of the day when their brain works optimally to complete analytical tasks, do deep work, and focus on creative endeavors.
  • Persistence. They know that nothing big happens in one day, one week, one month, even one year. They have patience. When they fall, they get up, dust themselves off, and keep going. And they always keep their eyes on the goal.
  • They believe in themselves. The inner voice that points out the right path to take, the courage to keep going when they’re faced with a big challenge, the trust in their superpower and in all the hard work they’re putting in towards their goal. They know that, regardless of what happens next, they will be their own best friend.
  • They’re experts at shutting off the noise. When there’s work to do, they turn off whatever could distract them. They turn off the radio and TV early in the morning. They put their phone into Airplane mode. They leave checking email for later in the day. They set expectations with others so they won’t be disturbed when it’s time to focus.
  • They say “thank you” often. They know that practicing gratitude rewires their brain to think about the positive things in their life, instead of the things they do not have, or others may have, or they themselves have yet to achieve. They know how to live in the present moment and to be grateful for each day. They know that what they have today is good enough.
  • They also practice saying no. Why? Because saying yes to everything can cost them time, can take away from focus, can distract them from what they need to do. They say no to other people’s ideas of what they should be doing, advice on how to do it, warnings to not do it, criticism for doing it, gossip, chatter, social media banter, phone calls or text messages without any purpose. Because every time they say no to them, they say yes to their superpower.

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