What are the best life hack apps to download on my phone?

Here are 5 apps that are real game changers for improving your life:

  • Headspace. Want to declutter your mind, focus better, feel calmer? This app can help you do all that by teaching you to meditate on your own. Meditation doesn’t require a lot of time and it has many benefits, including better focus throughout the day, more concentration, and a greater sense of calm. Meditating early in the day can clean your brain of any cluttered thoughts and prepare it for the day ahead. The app is fun and easy to use.
  • Podcast apps such as Downcast , Podcasts, or Stitcher. Feed your brain with targeted listening while you are commuting, running errands, cleaning your kitchen, or waiting for the bus. Select podcasts to get informed, learn new things, acquire a new skill, develop your critical thinking muscle, feed your imagination, or find new ways to improve your daily life.
  • Goodreads. This app will get you excited about reading. Use it to discover new books and authors, view book summaries and reviews, get recommendations based on your personal reading preferences (by genre, topic, writer), scan bar codes of books you find in a bookstore or library that you want to put on your “want to read” list, find literary events in your area, etc.
  • Runtastic. Your brain needs oxygen, rest, and recharging. Use Runtastic to keep track of how much you move so you get an idea of how you could improve. Monitor your steps, distance covered, time spent outside, calories burned, and progress you’ve made throughout the week. You will see how easy it is to log the time and make progress every single day.
  • Quora. Use the time when you are taking a break, waiting at the dentist’s office, or anytime you’re sitting by yourself away from your computer to check interesting questions on Quora. If something catches your eye, type an answer; you’ll quickly see that you will need to keep it short, which will force you to prioritize what you want to say. Use the bullet feature for a more concise way to write.

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