What is an app that changed your life?


What it is:

It’s a podcast player I have on my mobile phone.

Here’s what I use it for:

  • Time management: maximizing my commute time, grocery shopping, household chores, running errands, waiting in long lines
  • Productivity: using the “in-between times” to learn new things, find out how other entrepreneurs plan out their day and their career, and leverage experiences of other professionals to work smarter instead of harder
  • Brain food: having an audio version of an encyclopedia to find out and understand concepts in technology, economics, literature, politics, art, culture, spirituality, psychology, global issues
  • Creative thinking: exploring possibilities of different projects where I can implement what I’ve learned through podcasts, optimize my writing and communication skills, and develop my personal goals for each month and for the year
  • Exercising: preparing and queuing up my audio content to fit the length of running or hiking sessions
  • Falling asleep: listening to sounds of nature to relax and unwind faster

Here are my top 15 podcasts that I listen to regularly:

  • Optimize with Brian Johnson (my top pick: More wisdom in less time to help you live your greatest life. Condensed big ideas from the best books on optimal living and micro classes on how to apply these ideas.)
  • The Inquiry (a debate on a controversial topic in the news and 4 experts challenging each other with 2 views, for and against the topic)
  • Intelligence Squared (the world’s leading forum for debate and intelligent discussion, led by great orators and sharp minds)
  • Achieve Your Goals with Hal Elrod (creator of The Miracle Morning, provides ideas to cultivate a morning routine and boost productivity)
  • BBC Global News (my top news pick: main stories of the day from BBC news, offered twice a day and once on weekends)
  • Planet Money (stories about smart people, economics, politics)
  • Radiolab (show about curiosity, interesting ideas, science, philosophy)
  • This Is Your Life with Michael Hyatt (a podcast dedicated to intentional leadership, with the goal to help you live with more passion, work with greater focus, and lead with extraordinary influence)
  • Happier With Gretchen Rubin (a fun show led by bestselling author of The Happiness Project, with small ideas you can apply to your life to exercise your happiness muscle)
  • Radio Headspace (a podcast to give you inspiration for a healthier, happier life, with topics such as mindfulness, being happier, and changing the world)
  • The Model Health Show (hosted by Shawn Stevenson, it’s an entertaining and honest take on health and fitness)
  • Atmosphonic (my top pick for sleeping: a collection of hour-long podcasts with recorded sounds of nature to help you sleep and relax)
  • Entrepreneur On Fire (interviews with today’s most successful entrepreneurs on their best and their worst entrepreneurial moments, and lessons they’ve learned along the way)
  • Question of the Day (a show for people short on time and long on curiosity, with a lot of good humor in trying to answer the question at hand)
  • The James Altucher Show (entrepreneur/investor/writer James Altucher leads conversations with writers and entrepreneurs)

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