How do I become who I really want to be?

Start with these 5 ideas:

  • Identify your top 3 goals: What do you want to do in your life? What do you consider your top priorities? Why are they important to you? Making a personal connection with what you want to be successful in is critical in maintaining motivation. Be honest with yourself as to why it’s important to you, and not because you think you “should” find it important or because other people tell you it’s right for you.
  • Be honest about your core strengths: Which skills do you possess right now, what do you excel at, what needs more work, which skills would you like to develop but haven’t yet started working on? Being realistic about your strengths is an excellent starting point, so that you can figure out what needs more work in order to become better.
  • Find out where to gain knowledge: If you are still in school, are you studying for a degree that matches the goals you’ve identified and that allows you to develop strengths you’ll need to achieve them? If not, is there another way you can obtain additional knowledge in the areas you’re most interested in? Can you attend an online course to learn more? Where can you find books to read about the subjects that interest you? Who can you get advice from, is there someone who can be a mentor to you?
  • Get to work. Create a plan to get you closer to your goals. Set aside time every day to make progress, even it that means only 30 minutes. See if you can adjust your schedule so that you can get up earlier and do your important work then, so that you can accomplish more in the morning before you need to focus on other responsibilities. When you’re working, block off the time and turn off all distractions. Make an assessment of your progress at the end of each week, and adjust what you need to so that you can get more done the following week.
  • Surround yourself with positive, can-do people. Be selective about your circle of friends. Choose to spend time with friends who, like you, are working on their own personal development, who feel like their work has purpose, and who value their time highly. They are much less likely to zap your energy and take you for granted, and they will not waste your time or distract you from your goals. Use the time you spend together to encourage each other, provide feedback and advice, and share enthusiasm about becoming better at your skills that will help you to be successful and happier with your life.




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