What’s a great educational podcast?

Optimize with Brian Johnson

What makes it a great educational podcast?

It’s a collection of condensed big ideas from the best books on optimal living, from philosophers from ancient Rome and Greece, to contemporary philosophers, psychologists, scientists, and thought leaders from around the world. The episodes are of different lengths: some are 30-minute interviews with writers of the books being discussed, while others are 5-minute micro classes on how to apply ideas from the books to your daily life: in school, at work, in your personal life, and towards achieving your personal goals.

What makes it unique and different?

It’s both fun and informative: the approach, language, and style of presenting the material is engaging without sounding too academic or dry. Every episode has ideas for practical application of the concepts that are covered.

What are some examples of topics presented?

Some of the most important topics covered in the podcast are developing mini habits, the benefits of positive psychology, how to achieve mastery, what helps you keep your focus and motivation on work, the importance of emotional intelligence, tips for mind hacking, why fear is the #1 enemy, how strategy and a good plan can help you master your life, and others.

What’s an example of a book that is recommended?

This is my #1 podcast where I get the majority of book recommendations, including most recently Seneca’s small book On the Shortness of Life. I wrote a review of the most important ideas from this book in this post.

Any suggestions on what’s a good time to listen to this podcast?

Try it at the beginning of your day: as you’re getting ready, while you’re having breakfast, or during your commute to work or school. You can also maximize the time when you’re running errands, doing household chores, or taking a walk during your lunch break or in the evening when you have some time to yourself. All of these times are an excellent opportunity to feed your brain and get new ideas for making a positive change in your life and taking your education to the next level.

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