What’s the best advice you can give in five words?

Always invest in your self.

What does that mean? It means you should always invest in:

  • creating a life strategy so that you can gather the resources you will need to accomplish what you want in this lifetime
  • identifying the top goals that are most important to you
  • feeding your brain by learning something new each day
  • feeding your body with nutrients that will keep it energized and healthy in the long run
  • developing skills that will enable you to survive and thrive in any environment
  • building your self-confidence that will give you strength to overcome obstacles and courage to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone
  • nurturing a growth mindset so that you understand that you can achieve success in any area you want, regardless of the way you were raised and the messages you were given about what you “should” or “shouldn’t” do
  • achieving mastery in one field that you deeply care about, want to become better at, and are committed to spending time on because you believe it’s well worth the effort
  • spending time on becoming the best version of yourself, the version of you that you can be proud to be in the future, and the version of you that you like the most
  • developing a friendship with yourself that is based on love, trust, self-knowledge and compassion, because that is the most important relationship you need to develop in your lifetime

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