What is it that nobody tells you about adult life?


Here are 20 things nobody tells you about adult life, but I will.

#1. You have to promote yourself to CEO status. Not demote yourself to be a victim of life.

#2. You have to be in the driver’s seat. Not let other people make decisions for you and take you on a detour any time they feel like it.

#3. You have to do all the work. Not sit back and expect others to pick up the slack.

#4. You have to have a strategy for where you’re going. Not act impulsively.

#5. You have to make plans. Not live your life day by day.

#6. You have to keep your emotions in check. Not let them run your life.

#7. You have to grow your mindset. Not be rigid, inflexible, and set in your ways so much that it paralyzes you.

#8. You have to value your time. Not waste it on trivial things, pointless activities, gossip, and envy.

#9. You have to respect other people’s time as well. Not act as if every conversation is all about you — what happened to you, who is treating you poorly, and how the world is out to get you.

#10. You have to learn how to invest in the right people. Not seek attention just for attention’s sake, feed your ego because you feel you’re better or smarter than your “friends,” or ignore red flags like superficiality and weak character.

#11. You have to embrace being an adult. Not be stuck in childhood (and everything that went wrong in it) for the rest of your life.

#12. You have to adhere to a value system. Not reinvent what’s important (or not) every single day, depending on your mood or the situation you’re in.

#13. You have to learn how to be disciplined. Not lead an unhealthy lifestyle of binging on fast food, drinking uncontrollably, smoking like there’s no tomorrow, and sitting at your desk without moving a muscle.

#14. You have to roll up your sleeves and do the work. Not only because nobody else will, but also because you need to feel proud of your accomplishments.

#15. You have to take ownership and be held accountable for your actions. Not imagine that you will get by unnoticed for bad behavior — because believe me, people are watching.

#16. You have to be kind to others. You were not given the gift of life to waste it on being rude, disrespectful, and taking people for granted.

#17. You also have to learn how to play well with others. Not act like you don’t need anyone or you are better than everyone — because the quality of your life is directly proportional to the quality of the relationships you nurture.

#18. You have to say thank you. Not act entitled like the world owes you something.

#19. You have to keep learning new things. Not let down your wonderful, amazing brain by refusing to feed it continuously — which you can do by reading books, solving problems, and developing new skills.

#20. You have to maintain a good sense of humor. Because it will change the way you see your life, even the challenges you face, and most of all the opportunities you have in each moment of the day to do just one thing successfully and effortlessly— laugh.


One thought on “What is it that nobody tells you about adult life?

  1. As someone who has very few of these mastered, it’s tough to know where to begin. I have to say my golden rule is #19 – always learn something new. That way, even if you’ve had a bad day, you can learn something from it and grow. What’s your most important rule from this list Nela?


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