Build a smarter life, one small habit at a time.

Welcome to Nela’s blog! 

I am a productivity hacker, writer, and entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. My blog is a collection of ideas on how to implement small habits that can help you build a smarter life so that you can be more productive, work smarter instead of harder, and maximize each day. Each blog post is a response to an answer posted on the Q&A website Quora. I write on a variety of topics including motivation and willpower, developing a growth mindset, goal setting, focus and concentration, deep work, mastery, productivity tips and hacks, morning routines, and positive psychology.

My work has been published in The Huffington Post,,, Medical Daily, Business Insider, and TIME.

You can find me on Quora where I provide easy to follow shortcuts and tons of examples on building a smarter life.

You can also listen to my podcast where I talk more in depth about these topics and give pro tips on how you can incorporate these ideas into your busy schedule.


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